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Big Lancaster                 Hachette  partwork kit

Revell Lonestar              Review with pics of latest truck release

Italeri Vosper                 Review of the latest torpedo boat  

Revell Latest.                 Halifax, Ventura and London Taxi.

Italeri ELCO boat          A review with pics of the big torpedo boat

Revell Routemaster        A review of the big red bus

Italeri  MAS boat           A review of the torpedo boat

Emhar Bedfords             review of both types

Big J Guy Tanker           A transkit  conversion      

Vintage Fighters  P-47D         A 1/24th scale kit review

Air Products  gas Trailer      A scratch built project

Trumpeter Locomotive       BR52 WWII  loco Kit review with photos

Revell Antonov AN124          Kit review 1/144th scale with photos

Academy Black hawk        
review of the 1/35th kit

Academy AH-1W Cobra            Review with Cobra Company resin conversion set

Academy MH-60G                     Review of latest "Pave hawk" kit in 1:35th scale

E.E Lightning Walk Round         24 photos close ups and cockpit shots

TAMIYA Skyraider         latest review of this Navy bird with wing fold conversion by Cutting Edge

DH. Sea Vixen walkaround                 30 photos of Sea Vixen good cockpit shots

Buccaneer Walk Round        24 photos in close up good cockpit shots

Latest Revell Models       some pics and a few comments

1/32nd Aircraft

Revell Heinkel He-219 A-7         review with photos

Hachette  Lancaster bomber    build photos and comments

Revell  He 111 P-2   full review of latest release

Revell  Arado 196     full review of latest release

Trumpeter P-38       full review with Cutting Edge  conversion

Revell   Hunter Mk6

Trumpeter  A-7E  Corsair II     full review with photos

Trumpeter  Me-262-1a     full review with pics

Matchbox SA-330 Puma  full review with many pics

Trumpeter  Mig 19     short review

Trumpeter A-10     review with Cutting Edge update sets

Tamiya F-16CJ       Full review with Photos  ( NEW)

Academy F/A-18C                1/32nd scale  kit review  

Essdale                  1/32nd scale Supermarine S-5 Schneider racer

Revell Tornado          Review of 1/32nd scale kit with CAM super details kit

Echelon Lightning         Part three of the review at last!!!

Echelon Lightning          Part two of this review, with links to walk round

Echelon Lightning        Part one of a long review of the big vacform kit lots of pics of

Tamiya F-4         F-4G conversion using the Cutting Edge parts and the Tamiya F-4C

Revell F-4F         several pics, comments and a review.

Israeli F-4E a rework of Revell's earlier release of the big kit plus a review.

Tamiya F-15E   full review of the kit

Tamiya F-15C eagle     full review with pics

Revell Tornado   this is the GR1 version released recently it has
                                    slats and flaps from Paragon.

Revell F-4E       this is the very old kit that I built In 1977,
                               still looks good!

Tamiya F-4C Finished as  Michigan ANG using Cutting Edge decals
                                 plus review.

Tamiya F-4J      from the box plus a review.

Revell Typhoon   some pics of this old kit built 20 yrs ago
                                 (look out for update with Paragonbits).

Hasegawa F-18C        Full review and conversion with Paragon Parts

1/48th Aircraft

Airfix          Canberras, PR9/SC9

Trumpeter        F9F-2P F9F-5  Panthers with Teknics conversion sets

AMT ERTL    Viking with Paragon wing folds

Monogram      SB2C-4 Hell Diver

Academy     CH-46E Sea Knight

Hasegawa     RF-4C  Phantom

Hasegawa    RF-4B  recce' Phantom

Matchbox    Kaman SH-2F  Seasprite

Academy      F-111F   & Hasegawa F-15E   with Paragon parts

P-40K-5/ Kittyhawk III

AMtech         HS-123 conversion

Tamiya   Skyraider with Cutting Edge wing folds

Italeri    "Navy 1" S-3B  Viking

Aeroclub    Canberra  B-2

       Hawker Siddley Buccaneer   "NEW"

Airfix             Supermarine Seafire FR.46/47   "NEW"

Revell          Breguet atlantic  "NEW"

Aeroclub            DH. Venom FB.1

Trumpeter          SM-79 Sparviero  

Tamiya            Meteor F.3 quick review    

Tamiya                 Heinkle He 219 Owl  1-48th scale

Revell                 F-4F phantom

Revel/Monogram      Dornier Do 217 E-5 

Revell/ Monogram       A-6 Intruder

Revell/Monogram       F-105D

Revell/Monogram    Heinkel He111 H-6 

Grand Phoenix       Fairey Firefly Mk.1 full review

AEROCLUB      English Electric Canberra B(I).6 1:48th scale

Phantoms                 a few out of my collection Of 50 in 1:48 scale

Airfix Prowler       some pics of prowler and Revell A-6E Intruder

ESCI F-8 Crusader       some new pics of an old favourite

Hasegawa F-14s              some fresh pictures of my Tomcats

Hasegawa A-7s       Seven Sevens, pics to show the changing paint schemes plus big pics.

Tamiya Beau Mk10            super detailed with Cutting Edge parts with (link to pics of parts).

Tamiya Beau Mk2          Merlin engines added from Aardvark.

Maintrack Demon            a Golden Wings vacform kit but is nice to add to your collection.

Dynavector TSR-2    
A review with photos of Dynavectors latest

Dynavector Sea vixen     Review

Dynavector Sea Hornet        Review

Dynavector Hornet     Contents construction and finished pics

Dynavector Javelin          a big model this, various pics

Dynavector Skyshark      this ugly brute comes out well (easy to build)

Dynavector Wyvern        a couple of pics of this machine(a good first buy for non vacformers)

 Aeroclub Meteo        the latest and most accurate meteor NF14 around,
                                    all new parts (look out for other versions soon)

Italeri  V-22A Osprey               some pics and comments

PP.Aerokits Firefly          although difficult to build the results are very good,

Monogram        YA-10B conversion

Monogram F-101s        Three versions of the original kits

More Voodoos            three more but with DB conversions
                                  (no longer available) should make you envious.

Monogram F-105s       a couple of unusual airplanes

ESCI Vikings              some colourfull Navy models

AMT Ertl       ES-3A  shadow   review

Hasegawa F-16s     three pages of F-16 Fighting Falcons

Tamiya G4M Betty         some photos and a short review

Revell Me 110          some pics and comment

1/72nd Aircraft

Airfix Vickers Valiant      review

Italeri  C-119 Flying Boxcar       Review

Revell  new Lancaster     Full review

Airfix BAe Nimrod    Full review

Hasegawa   Lancaster B Mk 1/ Mk III

Italeri DC-130    Hercules  review

Italeri AC-130      Review

Revell  He 177       pics and a comment

Revell Atlantic          full review

Revell  BV 222         photos and comments

Revell new hunter       latest release from Revell

Revell  Victor K-2 Tanker       review of the old Matchbox kit rereleased by Revell

AMtech  C-135B T/RIA        Big nose 135 plus NKC-135 with ALOTS pod

Academy stratocruiser      three pages on the  C-97A, KC-97L, B-377

AirfixAEW-1 Sentry    A few shots of airfix's big boy

AMT KC-135               The flying tanker is worth a look

Frog Shackleton      looks reasonable with all the rivets sanded off.

Asst Canberras         three Canberras with airwaves mods

Readers Pages

Derek Derks     from Holland with a selection of types

Carmel Zammit   a Luftwaffe fan builds WWII fighters

F-89D Scorpion       Chuck holte builds two new kits  including the  Roden PKZ-2   WW1 helicopter

Trumpeter Mil Hind     
a review and Ideas for motorizing the model  by Brian Boot

Unicraft  RQ-4A Global Hawk    Review of the resin kit By Chuck Holte

Tony Woollet's latest     another stunning collection of Tony's models, this time in 1:28th scale

Tony Woollett
         Oneof Englands great modellers, scratch builder of old aeroplanes the sort you

                                  wore goggles for. Some excellent models to feast your eyes on, go on visit the
page you won't be dissapointed!

Gary Linsdell    Gary is a fine modeller and is in the envious position of managing the Hannants
                         London model shop, he specialises in 1/48th WWII Luftwaffe fighters at the moment
                                    and allowed me to photograph some of his models to show you.

Kelvin Barber           Editor of Scale Models International shows us some of his fine work, some
                              unusual subjects I think you will agree

Jim Rotramel               An ex F-111 pilot Jim is now retired from the Air Force, Jim likes his models
                                     flying as you will see, a bit unusual but good work here.

Hans Percy                  An ex pilot in the Swedish air force and ex president of IPMS Sweden, Hans
                                    mainly builds F-4s, he has some 60 or more built in 1/48th scale, but he does
                                  deviate occasionaly.

Geoff Coughlin           Geof  writes regularly in Tamiya Magazine, his models are quite outstanding
                                    and well worth a visit

Michael Ibbotson       Michael comes from Australia and is a member of the 1/32nd sig and is a fair
                                       modeller see for your self!  

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