NATO "Farmer E"
Kit No. 02209. 1:32nd scale

Ted's Corner

This is one of the latest releases from Trumpeter and it comes with 3
sets of markings all with overall silver finish, Russian, East German
and Chinese but, as usual, I wanted something different. I found
a whole lot of markings for MiGs on the internet at

the model is well detailed with  loads of doors open to show the interior parts
including these two lovely engines which are made up from plastic parts and
resin mouldings plus loads of pipe work on two separate frames.

The cockpit is nicely detailed with separate side walls and an instrument panel
with film backing, a detailed HUD and control stick, the seat while nicely done
has no seat belts at all so you will need pics to add these.

the cockpit tub links up with the intake splitter and the nose instrument bay
where there is a removable Panel to view the interior detail and this unit fits nicely
into the front fuselage halves and nose ring.

If you are going to fit the engines then there are removable panels on
either side of the front fuselage to view these detailed items, if you
want to you can display them on the two stand/trolleys provided.

The two halves of the fuselage fit together like a dream with
no filler at all and the wings just slide into the slot on the
fuselage side as though they were built for it,
blanking plates are provided if you want to display
the complete engines or you can put the ends of the engines
on at the tail pipe end.

The rear fuselage halves carries the air brakes at the rear sides while
a third is on the underside centre line of the front half.
The wheels are nicely detailed with separate hubs and the wing missile
pylons are the best fit I have ever seen yet the tank pylons need a bit of
sorting to get them level.

The canopy is very clear and is built to be movable but I have glued
mine shut as with the display panels, there are a number of
alternative parts to build the Chinese F-6B.
My decal sheet was a problem as the first item I wetted broke up
and I had to cover the whole sheet with microscale liquid decal film.
On the whole an excelent kit, easy to build and fits together so easily.

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