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Models from
   Hans Percy, IPMS Sweden
a Phantom Fan and fine modeller
All Photos By Anders Nylén

Hans with Catspook

F-104 snowy
F-104 from Monogram 1-48th scale

hasegawa F-16
Hasegawa Belgian F-16

Hunter copnversion
1:48th Hunter conversion from Aeroclub and Academy kits to a J-34

spoof J-36 Wolf, spoof

Hasegawa F-4F
Hasegawa F-4E converted to Luftwaffe F-4F
with Cutting Edge Decals

a pair of F-4s
Hasegawa 1:48th and ofcourse "Spook"

Tamiya 1/32nd F-4J
Tamiya's Big 1:32nd F-4J
close up

revell 1/32nd F-4E
Revell's big F-4E in Israeli markings

Iran f-4
Hasegawa F-4J converted to F-4D from Iran

Revell 1:32nd RF-4C

another pair in 1/48th
1-32nd pair from Missouri and New Jersey ANG

Hasegawa F-4EJ 1:48th scale

A fancy scheme on this F-4F
port view

US navy 75 anniversary stbd view
another classy scheme
port view

little and large phantoms
Walking the LS dog, 1:32nd  to 1:144th


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