U,S, Marines Phantom II
Kit No. 07231. 1:48th scale

Ted's Corner

box top

side view

This is one of a bunch of RF-4s from Hasegawa, and is very welcome to us Phantom Phanatics
it is a very late member of the family of "Bs" with a thick or bulged wing.


The kit comes with a choice of camera bays, the old "square" type and the later smooth rounded type, there
are two sets of decals both for VMFP-3 but one with theGeen fin with gold fox head and an overall black one.

front view

You will need to be carefull with your choice of decals if you don't use the decals supplied as only 11 big
wings were built  and only the last  three had the rounded camera bay.


The A/C with the big wing were numbered  157342---7351 but only   7349---7351 had the rounded Bay

rear view
The construction is up to the usual Hasegawa standards and there are no problems with the fitbut you will
need a delicate touch for the  small parts of the cameras.

rear view


A great addition to my collection good on ya Hasegawa

Ted Taylor 2004

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