Kaman SH-2F Seasprite
Anti Submarine Helo
Kit No. PK-653. 1:48th scale

Ted's Corner

port side view

This kit was released by Matchbox in 1982 and for its time it wasn't bad, the were no trench lines and the raised panel lines were only  2 thou high. The details were a bit basic but there were some interior fittings in the passenger compartment for the weapons operator.
The cockpit seats have no straps and the instrument panel is only lightly detailed with rudder pedals moulded on, the fit of the parts is not too bad but could have been better.
stbd view
While the fuselage fits nicely the engine compartment leaves a few gaps that need filler when mounted and the surface search radar housing kinda  floats around, the windows all fit snugly into the apertures provided but have no "stops" to locate them  securely so care is needed here. One nice feature is the sliding doors affording a view into the cockpit and the external panel over the sonaboys which can be added if you wish. Despite its faults, with a little effort, it makes up into a nice colourful model.
The instruction sheets give a clear build sequence and  a detailed paint chart for various parts, all the paints quoted are with FS numbers from genuine manufacturers sources, There are markings on the decal sheet for two machines, HSL-32 "Tridents" and HSL-37 "Easy Riders". I know the plane had latterly been painted in low viz greys but I know of no decal sheets with markings for these schemes.

Just a couple of construction points
    The main gear legs parts 37 are handed so make sure when you mount them that the kink in the leg bends backwards or you will get a "toe in" look.
    The sonaboys container parts 49/50  should locate on the tiny ridge on the interior floor to keep it at the angle of the side wall but this does place it a bit too far back so my solution was to cement it to the interior of the wall at the opening provided for it.
just painted

   The tail stabilators and struts should be left off until they and the fuselage have been painted or you will find it is difficult to mask up the yellow band and add the decals to the underside of the stabs.

   After cementing the channels for the sliding doors in position slip the doors in just to maintain the correct angle for them to move.

If you want to super detail the model then the "Cobra Company" makes two resin sets one internal and the other external details

front view

stbd front

close up

These pics are of the second set of decals on the sheet  for HSL-37 "Easy Riders"
head on

port view

stbd view
Ted Taylor,   May 2005

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