Conventional rigids and artics
Kit No. 0000. 1:25th scale

Ted's Corner

Some of these are old and some rare


I saw a truck like this in Saudi but the sides were all covered in murals
which I could not hope to reproduce, the cab and chassis is ERTL
Paystar 5000 but the body is scratch built.
When I saw this truck it was loaded with 41 tons of tiles
30 for the boss and 11 for me said the driver

IH conv
This is one of the "S" series internationals from ERTL with their Fridge (reefer)
on the back I cut 65mm out of the chassis to make this short wheel base rig
and note how ERTL's steering always turned, a sadly lacking feature on AMT kits

Dm800 gravel
The DM800 Mack is quite impressive, it's big and wide but it has a tiny cab
offset on the drivers side, the bonnet sides lift and the wings tilt forward.
The trailer came with a dolly in case you wanted to make a "train"

metal Pete
This big Pete weighs a ton, it has a metal chassis, it was awfully hard to clean up and
difficult to glue together but it looks good as does it's follow up kit below




it looks impressive but not very practical

volvo N10
This volvo is the N10 and also has a metal chassis but I think that this was the last kit
to be made this way thank goodness.


gravel N10
it looks good under this trailer  

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