Conventionals and C.O.E.s
Kit No. 0000. 1:25th scale

Ted's Corner

Here are a few of my older models

This was the first C.O.E. KW. I built and the trailer is
the ERTL extender with a Plastic (steel) girder, I had seen one of Frederichi's
trucks on the Mokamp at Istanbul took notes and built this when I got home

The Autocar dumper was one of my favourites, I built this for the Matchbox
catalogue in 1979, I got it back after Photography but it was in Pieces
I never had the heart to mend it, maybe one day!

The long chassis new version K.W.


The short chassis version Kenvorth


The White/Freightliner
this was the hardest to build as the cab came in two halves for sleeper and day cab
and the join line was horrendous

        But I did get one to look quite smart

The G.M.C. Astro came in two versions, early kits had a turbine
engine as well as the big diesel but this was dropped in later kits
there was also the Chevvy Titan, the same kit with different grille
I drove several of these in Saudi Arabia and the drivers area was
cramped to say the least but the sleeper section was ginormous

 The GMC. General was one of the last kits issued by AMT,
there were a lot of improvements in this kit

Tyrone Malones Superboss


And Papa Truck

papa truck


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