Destroyer Type 956
The name of the ship 434 translates to
I am told by a Russian gent.
Kit No. 3612. 1/200th scale

Ted's Corner

port view

stbd view

This is a beautiful 30 inch model with lots of details, it has taken a period of about four weeks to build. I had no reference to begin with but found some in
"WAR MACHINE" by Orbis, Vol. 4, issue 44, page 866/873,
text, photos and line drawings.
There are heaps of tiny parts which can be built up into various sub assemblies and you have to decide when is the best time to paint each, I spent more time doing this than actual building. All the vertical walls can be built along with the main bridge section and funnel but leave the decks separate until final assembly.helo deck

The main decks are a dark metallic grey but I used an ordinary dark grey from Humbrol and I used an orangey red for the upper decks. The hull around  the waterline was sprayed white and the masked with a narrow tape, below was painted Humbrol hull red but I added a drop of mat red as it is much too brown, and above the line and the superstructure was sprayed a light ghost grey. All the parts are cleanly moulded but with so many tiny parts there are a lot of frame gates to tidy up, the fit for the most part is good, I haven't used filler any where.

There are four etched brass sheets included, two for the rails and two for the tower and various other details, the tower is so fine I could not handle it, very tricky to glue together, but I used most of the rest. The rails have no "pegs" for location so I used very fine flower arranging wire to form a post every couple of inches and superglued the rails to them,  the wire is 0.3mm dia. so I used a 0.35mm drill bit for the holes, to give a little leeway. I used the same wire for all the vertical aerials but I added a tiny drop of PVA glue to the tip of each as a form of protection for any one taking a close look.

mast frame

fore deck


There is one point that has been omitted there are no anchor chain runs on the fwd bow deck so I have added these from my spares box.
recommended for any ship builders!!!!!!


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