McDonnell Douglas

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USAF Phantoms


01            F-4D        AF66/575   Alabama ANG  160th TFS in low viz greys

02            F-4E        Af68/338     Missouri ANG 131st TFW  30th anniversary

03            F-4D        AF69/626    New York (Niagra falls) ANG 136th FIS European 1

04            F-4D        AF65/681    New York (Niagra falls) ANG 136th FIS Hill II scheme

05            F-4E        AF68/534    New Jersey ANG 141st TFS Hill II scheme (tiger meet)

06            F-4C        AF63/534    Michigan ANG 171st FIS in ADC grey Scheme

07            F-4D        AF66/466    Minnesota ANG  179th FIS in ADC grey scheme

08            RF-4C     AF65/423    Mississippi ANG 153rd TRS in S.E.Asia scheme

09            RF-4C     AF68/567    10TRW Alconbury UK  Europe 1 scheme

10            F-4C        AF63/584    Oregon ANG 114th TFTS in ADC grey scheme

11            F-4D        AF63/490    Oregon ANG 114th TFTS in Hill II greys scheme

12            F-4C        AF63/672    15th TFW USAF very early grey over white  scheme

13            F-4D        AF64/949    North Dakota ANG 178th FIS in ADC grey

14            F-4D        AF65/731    31st TFW  USAF  in S.E. Asia Camo

15            F-4G        AF69/208    37th TFW  USAF in S.E. Asia Camo

16            F-4E        AF70/336    58th TFW  USAF  in S.E. Asia Camo

17            F-4G        AF69/274    37th TFW. 561st TFS. Europe 1 scheme

18            F-4E        AF66/382    57th FIS, Keflavik. ADC grey scheme (NEW)

19            F-4E        AF70/334    356th TFS Misawa Japan in S.E. Asia Camo (NEW)

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