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Hunter # 11

By  Mac McEwen


Ted's Corner


Hot from the press comes the Hunter book and just like the real aircraft this is  a beaut with 200 pages (24 in colour)   of text and photographs  including 16 pages of colour profiles showing some of the varied schemes worn by this much loved aircraft in it's lifetime.

As usual with this series the photography is excellent and some are quite evocative for a Hunter fan, all the Mks are covered here but only those used by British forces those from other forces must be sought elsewhere.

The contributors to the book are many giving some knowledgeable and informative narratives on flying and servicing the hunter with a dash of humour thrown in as well. All the Squadrons using the various Mks are given in table form showing locations and types flown with dates of service etc. etc. The Royal Navy also used the hunters at times and these are also shown.

 Though not aimed at the model maker there is a lot of good information therein that could be useful to him and there is a jolly good read to make anyone's day,

Highly recommended, a must for any air minded person's book shelf .

Available from Hannants Price 19.95


Ted Taylor 

August 2009


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