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Fairey Gannet # 7

By  Simon Askins
Ted's Corner

The next in the series follows the same pattern as the previous books But now with 16 pages of colour photos, and 6 pages of colour profiles for all the modellers amongst us. The text is very informative with sections from pilots and ground crews plus one on the ships and  of course squadrons that used the Gannet.


There are 200 photos depicting cockpits, various details, weapons, deck landings, crews and crashes.
The aircrews experiences made interesting reading and some of the factual reading was new to me, the whole book is nicely set out on good quality paper and a stitched binding which all goes towards making a book a  worth while purchase for any Gannet fan and while it does not set out to be a model makers "bible" there is a lot of useful material provided and of course an interesting read, another must have for your collection.
Available from Hannants Price 18.95



Ted Taylor July 2008

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