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sheet No. RF-7210 and 72-11.
1:72nd scale

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  This sheet covers five different aircraft for which kits are available they are,
Avro Anson (Airfix) from 269 Sqdn RAF Abbotsnitch in 1937,
Hawker Hart (Aeroclub)  605 Sqdn, Castle Bromwich in 1934,
Hawker Fury (Matchbox)  8 FTS, RAF Montrose in 1939,
Bristol Bulldog (Airfix)  29 Sqdn RAF North Weald in early 1930s, 
Gloster Gauntlet (Aeroclub) 111 Sqdn RAF Northolt in 1936/38.
Instruction sheet is very clear and supplies colour notes for each machine, the decals are printed in  single colours so as to avoid bad registration, even the Sqdn badges come as two items and numbers with outlines are separate items.

On the whole they look excellent items

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This sheet contains markings for  16 different  whirlwind helicopters in service with the RAF /Coastal Command, there are also markings for the Queens flight HCC8. You get a choice of locations here, some in Singapore, Malaya, Cyprus and the UK, colours schemes range from Dk earth/ green to grey/green, Lt grey/white to red /white, bright yellow to the aluminium/royal blue of the Queens flight. All the models are based on the Italeri UH-19A Chickasaw with Aeroclub nose conversion set, the instructions run to six pages and include all the paints with  BS, FS. numbers and the equivalent ref # from the main manufacturers, you even get a section on the rotor blade colours.

The decals are again printed in separate colours so you can do your own registration even the Union flag is in two parts.         A must for the Helo boys, Excellent product.


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Ted Taylor Aug 2004

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