German serials
Sheet No. FP900-FP906
1:72nd scale Price 6.95 each

Ted's Corner


For all you Luftwaffe fans, at last some sheets dealing with serials

There are seven A-4 sheets (2XA5) of alphabets and numbers in

sizes ranging from 2.5mm to 16.5mm in half mm stages 19 sizes

in total




Each size is clearly marked on the sheets so there should be no confusion.

The three sheets shown here are the smallest to the largest and like the

remainder are all in black. Ray tells me there are plans to do these sheets

in colours as well but that is in the future and no dates are set yet.

This small chart  shows which belong on most aircraft in 1-72nd scale

but I would think  with a calculator you could work out some sizes

for other scales

An excellent choice of subject

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Ted Taylor March 2011

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