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  Operation Telic Tonkas
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sheet No. ED-32100. 1:32nd scale

Ted's Corner

  If you are a fan of the Revell big Tornado then this sheet is for you,
No less than 18 RAF GR4/ 4A Tornados on this sheet.
You will need a GR4 conversion set and the Flightpath set is recommended.

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The price for this A4 size sheet is  £19.95.  GBP
and is available from,
Fantasy Printshop Ltd
69 Higher Bore St
PL31 1JS
Tel: 01208 77772
email : fantasyprintshop@btinternet.com

Also available on the website

fantasy print shop


Part  2

Interesting FAA Martlets/Wildcats

 sheet #  ED-48101 price  £12.95  GBP
also in 1/72nd   sheet # ED-72102  price  £7.95  GBP

Available from Fantasy Printshop

Martlet decals

There are markings for several Mks of Martlet including Mk 1,  Mk 1V, and  Mk V1.

 Hasegawa kit is recommended for the 1/72nd scale
and the Tamiya kit for the 1/48th  scale,
with an appropriate conversion set

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